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Who is Geo Agricultural Machinery

Who we are

Exterior of the Geo Agricultural Machinery headquarters
Exterior of the Geo Agricultural Machinery headquarters

Green and soil specialists

GEO is an Italian company specializing in providing equipment and accessories for green maintenance and field care. In a few years, thanks to its wide range of products, it has managed to carve out an important slice of the market, offering the best trade-off Quality-Price into the European territory.
GEO has currently more than 500 authorized dealers on the main European markets.

Meet us at the fair!

GEO and its team are present in the main international fairs of agriculture and gardening implements. During these events it is possible to speak directly with the technicians and view GEO products with all its news.

You can see the entire range of products with the support of the GEO staff.

Our Production

The GEO range includes flail mowers, rotary tillers, power harrows, wood chippers, shredders and snow blades.The production is placed in 8 foreign manufacturing facilities, which follow a strict quality control, directly entrusted to qualified GEO personnel

In addition to these products, GEO can provide several garden accessories such as sweepers, log splitters, sprayers and QUAD implements that complete the GEO range of products on its catalog.

Example of Geo Agricultural Machinery production
Product example of Geo Agricultural Machinery

Our strength

One of the strengths of the company is the wide availability of machines ready-for-delivery, stocked in the new logistic complex of 16.000 square meters, of which 12.000 covered, in Castagnole delle Lanze (AT).

Nowadays, this new investment made by GEO allows us to effectively provide to all the various dealers in the group, allowing customers to quickly fulfill orders and responding to the needs in terms of performance, reactivity and flexibility imposed by the seasonality of the market.
Thanks to all these factors, in 2019 the milestone of 12.000 machines per year was reached, 90% of which aimed at foreign markets and 10% in Italy, of which 40% flail mowers and rotary tillers and 30% chippers and shredders.

Product example of Geo Agricultural Machinery

High service reliability level

GEO's success has consolidated over the years, thanks to three values that the company has made its own::

• Customer care
• After sales assistance
• Quick Spare Parts Management, thanks to Automatic Warehouses and 24-48H Shipping
• 2 years guarantee

Product example of Geo Agricultural Machinery

We, for You

All this thanks to the technical contribution of a close-knit and professional team of collaborators, and the analysis of GEO engineers and technicians.

GEO allows you to start building your fleet at the right cost and with the right tool for every need.

Geo Agricultural machinery products on display

Field trials

GEO periodically takes care of field tests in the headquarters of Castagnole or near one of the dealers.

These events are the best occasion for the meeting among farmers, dealers and technicians which are present to discuss and exchange views on GEO products, with the aim of constant improvement and for better match of the needs of end customers.

Control and quality

Control and quality Agricultural machinery Geo

Production control through factory audit and quality control

The continuous monitoring between the production units and the distribution centers is at the basis of the planning of GEO products, as regards:

• Process improvement
• Quality control
• Interfacing with production dynamics and issues
• Reduction of delivery times

Attention to detail in Geo Agricultural Machinery

Constant improvement in mechanical processing

All suppliers of system and components are constantly followed according to the company's production plans.

The close collaboration with the production centers, let us maintain high standards of quality and level of service for our products and equipment.

A normal GEO production center is equipped with several of CNC machines, robotic welding centers and specific equipment for testing and follows quality standards.

Planning of internal and external logistics Geo

Continuous attention in improving and planning internal and external logistics

With an annual handling of nearly 10.000 items, logistics management represents a key point in the GEO Team's activity and requires continuous improvement to reduce delivery times from the central warehouse to all GEO's dealer.

GEO warehouse workers deal efficiently the main shipment activities packaging, picking and packing by collaborating with the main national and international couriers GLS, DHL, etc ...